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Q: Why are you running for supervisor?

A: I see the inherent need to. I, along with many residents, have disliked the path that city hall and San Francisco government is taking, and I want to be the first to drive our district back in the right direction.

Q: What do you plan to do to aid minorities, LGBTQ’s, the poor, and other underprivileged groups?

A: I am for equal protection under the law. If there is case where a resident feels discriminated because of a group they belong to, I proposed the right to counsel for all, so those who have faced offensive action or legal action can have a free attorney to fight for the compensation they deserve. I will strongly fight against any form of discrimination or harassment.

Q: What is your professional background?

A: I have written stories for political News Networks, campaigned for my local house of representative candidates, and tutored the younger generation to prepare them for higher education. In the past year, I started my own affiliate marketing business in San Francisco.

Q: Who is your favorite president?

A: Teddy Roosevelt

Q: What is your favorite place in San Francisco?

A: Mission Dolores Park

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