Education Policies

Improvement in the American education system is crucial to expanding opportunity for each generation to come. A major component affecting our children’s schooling is our caring teachers and staff. A teacher under extreme financial stress is proven to hinder the quality of the lessons provided. This is why I propose a program to increase deserving teacher’s pay. I also plan to fund initiatives that will maximize student’s academic potential such as by adding new AP classes that a significant amount of students are excited to take.

While the enhancement of the development of all students in our district holds as a priority for our team, I specifically want to focus on the advancement of high school and college student’s education because these years are critical to our children maturing to lawful unique citizens.

I will work with the San Francisco board of education to ensure the safety of our students in District 5. I want to make sure that there is one more Earthquake drill than required by national and state regulations because we live in San Francisco. I will also lobby for a preparation course included with the lockdown drills in the unlikely case of a dangerous individual near campus.

Ryan’s Qualifications

My qualifications: I am educated in San Francisco. Out of all the candidates, I have the most familiar understanding of our education system and how to efficiently improve it. I am also a chemistry and math tutor for high school students. I recently started an organization to make standardized testing standard again; this revision of our testing system is a true examination of natural English and Math abilities instead of one’s ability to take or pay for the test.

I recently started an organization to make standardized testing standard again
Ryan Lam