Environment & Culture


One of my uppermost priorities as a supervisor is ensuring the cleanliness in District 5. My number one solution that has already proven to work in San Francisco is the creation of hundreds of jobs. I will establish cleanup crews of 3 employers who are eager and active to help keep our streets clean with provided tools. Not only can more city jobs offered give those in need an extra opportunity, but it directly deals with our environmental concerns. In district 5, we have close to ZERO recycling centers, and that is a major issue. Many of those in need depend on recycling materials for extra pay that they depend on; I want to create 3 prominent recycling centers in District 5 where those who wish to be sustainable can access this service. This is our first step to reaching environmental sustainability by keeping litter out of our streets.

The subsidizing of non-profits that create jobs keeping our streets clean and safe

I see the most potential in non-profits that are creating jobs that are keeping our streets safe and clean. Non-profits such as Urban Alchemy, The hunters point family, Civic center commons, etc are giving people who are less fortunate (homeless, ex-convicts) a second chance to having a job that takes care of our city. These much needed jobs that range from monitoring pit stops to cleaning park streets are a big reason to why unemployment is at an all-time low in the Bay Area, and my candidacy will continue this strong effort.


Culture Preservation 

District 5 is the most diverse when it comes to race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc. As a supervisor, I realize I have an obligation to preserve our unique culture in District 5. I guarantee I will be the most participating and involved supervisor in practicing cultural traditions with our residents because I have a record of accepting and celebrating new cultural practices with open arms. 

Cleanliness and Safety is my number 1 priority

Ryan Lam