Housing & Affordability

In the most unaffordable city in the United States, it is my top priority to help with housing and affordability. While other candidates promise affordability with extreme solutions and fail to succeed, I have three reasonable solutions to address this issue that will drastically improve the lives of hardworking San Francisco residents.

Building 1,000+ units of Affordable housing

Ensuring new construction goes to improving the lives of District 5 residents is a must. My plan of building affordable housing will not only give tenants more renting options in our district, but it also secures that the new affordable buildings being built feeds a necessity that all our residents can benefit from instead of only the super wealthy. When I walk around our district, I see so many safe spaces that have potential for hundreds of families to be affordably living in. We must require or encourage private developers and property owners to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Fight for the Right to Counsel for all San Francisco residents

While Proposition F promises free legal representation for anyone facing an eviction, I am fighting for the right to counsel for all San Francisco residents. This will be a major step forward for the Right to counsel movement. Pushing toward equality has always been a major issue in the United States; why can’t we finish San Francisco’s journey toward equality if we’re already halfway there?

Fighting for Tenant’s Rights and Benefits

I truly support providing benefits to tenants intended to defray their rental costs. I am for helping tenants use the rights given to them by California law and fighting for the rights renters deserve. This is understanding that tenants have the right to counsel, constructive eviction, having no rent increases while in your lease, etc. As supervisor, I will oppose against unfair evictions by setting renters up with our district attorneys who will fight for your rights.

Homelessness and Mental Health

I had a first hand experience with homelessness unlike the landowners Dean and Vallie. This is why I am the only candidate who takes our homelessness issue seriously by promising a decrease in homelessness during my candidacy. I promise a decrease in homelessness during my term. Of the candidates, I have the strongest three solutions to confront this issue:

Cut relations with hundreds of homelessness organizations that are not effective

The city and county of San Francisco cooperates with over 700 homeless organizations. With this much man power and effort, homelessness has been on the rise year after year. The truth is most of these homeless organizations that claim to help the homeless each have an executive director with an average income of $173,000. We need to cut at least half of our contracts with these third party organizations and keep the effective ones. I promise a decrease in homelessness during my term in office.

Bring a navigation center to the Lower Haight

We currently have no navigation centers within District 5 and many other districts. The location of this navigation center will be a decision I hope to make with the residents of our district. I prefer it to be far from a school or important community location. This social service is one of the most effective methods to get the less fortunate transitioned into permanent housing.

More Mental Health facilities

In district 5, we need a prominent mental health facility that can take care of citizens with any form of mental troubles. I want district 5 to be known as the district where community help is always available when citizens reach out. While as a supervisor I will constantly be working to alleviate financial and physical stress of living in the city, there also needs to be a direct method in which residents can personally receive aid. Mental Health facilities are often a needed service by those struggling with homelessness.

I am the only supervisor that promises a decrease in homelessness during my candidacy

Ryan Lam