Policing improvements

Improving our enforcement efforts

Our brave police officers have sacrificed much to protect this District; I am aware of the complaint that police officers have targeted poorer or black victims. I have also heard occurences of police officers setting up teens. This discrimination is unacceptable. I fiercely stand against police discrimination, harassment, or brutality. At the same time, I understand officers are constantly under situational and financial pressures that may impact them preparing for the worst. I can make the compromise of working with the San Francisco police department, ensuring police have time off specifically for racial training, and increasing hard working officers’ pay.

Currently, our District is short on officers and security guards. I want to begin an intensive recruitment effort for training police officers, Bart officers, and security guards. By increasing the funding of our police program not only will there be a creation of more jobs, but first responders are put at less situational and economic stress.


“Safety with Respect,” If officers can stick to that motto, we’re in good hands
Ryan Lam