Pro-American Dream in San Francisco City hall is single handedly destroying the American dream of owning and growing a local…

Ryan Lam is a daily Bart rider. Thousands of citizens depend on public transportation such as Muni and Bart which is why it is a priority to work with these companies quickly to bring ease to our riders.

Out of all the candidates, I have the most familiar understanding of our education system and how to efficiently improve it.

Cleanliness and safety are human rights that have a direct correlation to San Francisco quality of life and Environmental sustainability for future generations.

“Safety with Respect,” If officers can stick to that motto, we’re in good hands

In the most unaffordable city in the United States, it is my top priority to help with housing and affordability. While other candidates promise affordability with extreme solutions and fail to succeed, I have three reasonable solutions to address this issue that will drastically improve the lives of hardworking renters.